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“You will change Thailand”

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This maybe my 1st diary that I write from BlackBerry and mobile phone. And write in English. Coz I’m just wake up and have an idea while poo poo sitting. Thanks wordpress for blackberry let me create blog on the fly while I’m poo.. Such a good time and moment for me to think and dream.

This week create campaign to helping merchants who got effect from Red Shirt Protesters. give free extremely e-commerce services to all merchants. We join with Nectec Acadamy, NSDTA, and Ministry of science to create such a really good campaign.

After news and media spread out our news. Last 2 day my friend just send message to me.

“‎​U will change Thailand Pom”

When I read this message I feel.. Wooooow.. I already start do something really effect to other people feel that me and will change and improve Thailand. This message really empower me. Thanks to my friend that send this message to me. Although it just small message but it really mean it to me.

Let’s keep thailand change with our hands and effort. Thailand can’t wait only government or some organization to “CHANGE” it. But its our responsibility to change it. If we don’t have sense of belonging and goal what we will do for our country. Let’s start make it. And make everyday of your work become a power of change for our country.

“Impossible project will possible if we start do it and make it come true… Never think – never start… Good thing will not happen.. Than let make it.. I believe all of us can do”

PS. Sorry for poor English grammar.. Hhahahaha


Written by pawoot

2010/05/29 at 7:49 AM

2 Responses

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  1. “Impossible project will possible if we start do it and make it come true”
    I like this Quote it’s means a lots.



    2010/05/29 at 4:01 PM

  2. I love your poor English 😉

    Thai people should learn from u and don’t be afraid to use English!



    2010/06/12 at 11:25 PM

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